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Prism App Review – An Awesome Free Bill Management App

I’m a big fintech geek and there are some really awesome apps out there.  You’ve probably already read reviews about some of the big players in the fintech world such as Mint and Personal Capital. I thought it’d be helpful to share reviews about some of the lesser known fintech apps that I personally use and that I think might be useful to you.  One such app is Prism.

While I’m a big fan of automating your finances, I still like being able to look at my bills before I pay them.  There’s just something comforting to me about being able to make sure that my bill looks right before I pay it.  It’s something I’ve done my entire life and I guess I’m just stubborn.

At the same time, I don’t want to spend a ton of time logging into every biller’s website.  I also don’t want to ever forget to pay a bill.  And I definitely don’t want to get caught paying any late fees!

With that in mind, I was looking for a solution that would let me see all of my bills in one place and allow me to basically automate and manually pay my bills at the same time.  Prism served as that solution.

Prism Money
Prism is a great way to manage your bills.

What is Prism?

The way Prism works is pretty simple.  Basically, it’s a bill management app that lets you see and pay all of your bills from a single app.  I like to think of it as similar to Mint or Personal Capital, but dedicated solely to managing your bills.  The app only works on your phone and there’s no web app for it at the moment.

The steps to set up Prism are pretty straightforward.  First, you link all of your bills with the app.  When I signed up, I linked up my electricity, gas, cable/internet, water/trash, and credit card bills.

Next, you link your payment accounts – i.e. the accounts you use to pay your bills.  I linked up my checking account and my credit card.  I typically pay my bills with a credit card if possible in order to get rewards points, although not every biller allows you to pay in that way.

With your billers and payment accounts linked, Prism will now monitor all of your bills for you.  When a new bill is available, Prism sends a push notification to your phone letting you know that you should schedule a bill payment.  You then go into the app and either pay the bill immediately or schedule a payment for some time in the future.  Since Prism doesn’t use a third-party payment platform, you can pay any bill right away without any delay if you want. That’s perfect if you suddenly realize a bill is due!

Most importantly, the app is completely free.  If the payment method is free with your biller, then it’s also free with Prism.

How Prism Works.

When a new bill comes in, it brings you to the bill pay screen.  This is what it looks like for your typical bill:


There are four parts to this screen.  The top row shows you the amount of the bill.  You can either pay the full amount, the minimum amount, or some other custom amount. I always recommend paying the full amount for any bill.

The second row allows you to pick the day you’d like to pay your bill.  You can schedule the bill to be paid immediately or schedule it for any time in the future.  I usually schedule the bill payment to occur one to three days before the due date.

The third row allows you to pick which payment account you’ll use to pay your bill.  You know how some billers charge a fee if you pay using a credit card or some other payment method?  Prism warns you in advance if you use a payment method that has a fee.  My tip – just pick the bill payment method that doesn’t cost you anything.

Finally, when you’re ready to pay, you simply swipe down on the screen to schedule your payment.  That’s it!  Prism notifies you that your bill payment has been scheduled and it handles the rest from there.

You don’t have to go through these steps each time.  Once you’ve paid a bill once, Prism remembers how you paid it.  So the next time you get that bill, all you have to do is give it a quick glance to make sure things look right and then swipe down to schedule the payment.


The big concern for almost everyone when using a fintech app is security.  After all, you’re giving this company information and access to your private accounts.  I don’t think you need to worry with Prism though.  The app maintains robust security features to avoid any unscrupulous people accessing your information.  As explained on Prism’s website:

  • “All communication is encrypted.”
  • ‘Sensitive information is firewalled.”
  • “No sensitive information is stored on your device.”

In addition, I’m willing to bet that most people reading this already pay their bills online. (Does anyone write checks anymore?).  If you’re already paying your bills online, then using Prism is really no different in terms of security.  In fact, Prism maintains that it’s actually more secure to pay your bills using Prism when compared to a normal payment website.  As explained by Prism:

“Prism runs as an app, which is inherently a much more secure environment than a desktop program or web site. All of the sensitive information exchanges with your services (i.e. transmission of account information and credentials) occur through our secure cloud service. We confirm the authenticity of every connection we make, and we take steps to ensure that your account information is never transmitted to the wrong party or via an insecure protocol.”

The other good thing is that you’re really only sharing access to your billers.  I honestly don’t really care if someone got a hold of the login credentials for my electricity or gas bill.

With respect to your payment accounts, you simply provide your checking and routing number of your bank.  When paying by card, you provide your credit card information.  Again, if you’ve ever paid a bill online, then other bill payment platforms already have this information.  At least with Prism, you get the benefit of seeing it all in one spot.

Other Features

I like being able to see all of my expenses in one spot.  Since I pay almost everything using credit cards, Prism gives me an accurate picture of my total monthly expenses.  Here’s what it looks like on my main screen:

prism main screen

You can also input your paydays to track when you get paid in comparison to your bills.  While not necessary, I find it does help you to make sure you are keeping enough money on hand to cover your bills.

Another nice feature – Prism notifies you if your bill looks out of the ordinary.  For example, if your bill is suddenly much higher than it was in the previous month, Prism will let you know and recommend that you double check the bill.  It’s a good way to make sure, at a glance, that your bills are accurate.

Finally, Prism keeps a history of all your bills so you can easily look back and see what you’ve paid each month.  Pretty helpful for most people.

My Experience With Prism

I’ve been using Prism now for over three years.  In all of that time, I haven’t missed a single bill payment, even though I don’t automate any of my bills. It’s super useful for my own money management system to be able to see all my bills in one spot and easily pay them with a swipe of my finger.

The only issue I’ve ever had with Prism was a single incident when I paid a bill using my credit card and found out that I had been charged a credit card processing fee by the biller.  Prism hadn’t notified me of that fee in advance, so I had assumed that paying the bill with a credit card was free.  When I contacted Prism about this fee, they immediately acknowledged the mistake, noting that the biller must have recently added this fee and that the app hadn’t caught it yet.  They then apologized and reimbursed me for the fee immediately.

The only other problem with Prism – for some people – is that it doesn’t actually store copies of your bills.  It’d be great if they’d add this as a feature at some point.  I’d love to be able to see the breakdown of each bill in one spot.


If you’re looking for a great bill management app, I highly recommend using Prism.  It’s without a doubt one of my most used fintech apps and one that I’ve been using for quite some time now without any problems.  Seriously, give it a shot and see if it’s for you.

Let me know if you try it out!  Prism doesn’t offer any referral incentives, so you can be assured that I’m writing this post solely because I find the app useful.

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  1. Great review of Prism. Thanks for introducing me to it. I can see why a lot of people would find this helpful. I’ve got everything set up in autopayment, but I’m still considering setting up this app as a way to see information all in the same place. I like the idea of having it all in your phone.

    • It can definitely be used just for that as well. If you’ve got autopay scheduled with your billers, it recognizes that and will just list your bills and note that its already scheduled to be paid.

  2. Dub Dub

    Thanks a lot for this detailed review. I hope it’s okay if I link to it so that my readers can use it as a resource as well.

  3. N Malo N Malo

    This review of Prism has been a big help! Still, I am concerned that if I were to stop using the app Prism still has access to my accounts (as stated in their privacy policy.) Which makes me question why I should give them access in the first place. Not only am I giving them all of my credit card information but also my banking information as well.
    Why would my information be accessed if I am not longer using their services? And more importantly, why would they be monitoring any of my accounts if I opt out?
    Is this something that I shouldn’t be concerned with? Or am justified for the red flag?

    • That’s an interesting question. As I understand it, if you no longer wish to use Prism, all you’d have to do is delete your Prism account and it would wipe out all of your data. In the privacy policy, it also says that you can request that they delete all your information and they’ll do it within 30 days as required by law.

      I wouldn’t be too concerned about any unauthorized charges. All Prism is doing is aggregating your bills for you and then passing the payment along. It’s really no different then paying any other bill online (most companies are probably not actually collecting the payment directly from your bank account or credit card – they probably use a third party platform to help facilitate this).

      I personally wouldn’t be too worried, but definitely always good to look into these things.

  4. jangar jangar

    I have been using my bill pay option offered by my bank but am looking for something better. I stumbled on the Prism app was interested and downloaded it with the intent to use it. I started to enter my bills but was frightened by the fact that they not only wanted the biller information as would be expected but they also wanted all my user names and passwords. I guess they need this information to access my accounts but it frightens me to give out this information. Should I be concerned? Is it safe?

    • I don’t think you should have any concerns. If you’ve ever used any financial aggregators like Mint or Personal Capital, it’s basically the same thing. Here’s their entire page on the security they use:

      You’ll note that they don’t store any of that login information. It’s basically just so that they can actually pay the bill.

  5. Cheryl Cheryl

    Hi, Thanks for all the infoe. It put my mind at ease. I downloaded the app 2 weeks ago and was afraid to actually enter my banking info. Is there a way to add a 2nd income? My husband and I pool our money topay the bills.
    Thanks again

    • Are you talking about in terms of tracking those pay days so you can get a sense of what type of income you bring in each month? I’d say the easiest way is to just add both of your paychecks together and put them together as one pay day. So if you get $1000 per paycheck and your husband gets $1000 per paycheck, just add them together and put the payday as $2,000 per paycheck. Might not be exact, but it’ll give you an idea at least, right?

      I’m glad to hear the app is working out for you!

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