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I Can Afford The New iPhone And You Can Too

The new iPhone just came out and folks are lining up to get their hands on it. While everyone else rejoices about the new phone, it seems like we in the personal finance community collectively shake our heads. I recently read a few articles about the financial evils of buying a new phone and found this puzzling. I’ve never thought of a new phone as a financial sinkhole. And when you do the math, it’s not very expensive if you plan it out in advance. So why are people saying not to upgrade the single most important piece of technology most of us own?

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August 2016 Side Hustle Report

It’s time for another side hustle report. For new readers, every month, I like to document what I earned from side hustling using sharing economy websites. I hope that these reports can help show you the type of money you can make using some of the skills and assets you already own. Use the money you earn from side hustling to pay off debt, super charge your savings, or buy yourself something you want.

The key to these sides hustles are basically three-fold: (1) I find them fun to do, (2) these side hustles generally incorporate tasks that I’m already doing; and (3) I find that I derive a benefit from them beyond just making money.

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How I Save The Same Amount Of Money Despite A $50,000 Paycut

Earlier this year, I left my high paying, big law firm job and took an attorney job with the state. I did so for a variety of reasons. The hours weren’t great, the work was stressful, and the atmosphere was overall pretty unpleasant. It just wasn’t a great fit for me. I pretty much knew this would be the case going in, but I still needed the job in order to make a big dent in my student loans. As a young lawyer, there really isn’t any other way to make a ton of money except by working at a big law firm.

I ended up paying back my student loans in 2.5 years. With my debt gone, I no longer needed the big paycheck. Since I was free of the student loan burden, money was no longer the primary motivating factor for a job. I could instead look at jobs that I thought would be a better fit for me.

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Prism App Review – An Awesome Free Bill Management App

I’m a big fintech geek and there are some really awesome apps out there. You’ve probably already read reviews about some of the big players in the fintech world such as Mint and Personal Capital. I thought it’d be helpful to share reviews about some of the lesser known fintech apps that I personally use and that I think might be useful to you. One such app is Prism.

While I’m a big fan of automating your finances, I still like being able to look at my bills before I pay them. There’s just something comforting to me about being able to make sure that my bill looks right before I pay it. It’s something I’ve done my entire life and I guess I’m just stubborn…

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Why You Should Be A Lazy Investor Instead Of A Stock Picker

Simplicity, it’s what we all want to achieve in every area of our life. That’s why we have Netflix instead of cable (plus it’s cheaper), endless two day Amazon Prime deliveries, or Postmates making your favorite restaurant deliverable….This post will show you how simple it is to do even in your financial life!

Hopefully by now you understand how important it is to invest in the stock market to grow your money over time. As the saying goes, “No one ever got rich from a savings account”, especially nowadays with less than one percent interest. But the next question many people ask is where do I invest? Should you buy stocks, bonds, mutual funds, gold or tons of other options? This question alone shows why a lot of people avoid the market entirely, it’s complicated!

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