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Category: Saving

A Reminder: You Probably Make A Lot More Than You Think

Thanksgiving is now behind us and with its passing comes the official start of the holiday season. I’ve always thought it helpful around this time of the year to remember how fortunate most of us are. If you’re reading this, chances are that you live in a developed country. You probably also make a decent income and have some education under your belt. If you’re smart, you might even be able to save up enough money one day so that you never have to work again. Most people in the world aren’t lucky enough to have the luxury of thinking about financial independence, let alone actually achieving it.

This is why its always struck me as a bit ridiculous when I see people with good jobs complaining that they don’t make enough to get ahead. Sure, making more money is probably better than making less money. And some cities are definitely more expensive to live in than others…

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Why Bike share Systems Are The Best Form Of Public Transit

Every personal finance nerd knows that biking is one of the best modes of transportation out there. In addition to just being fun to do, you also get three things from biking that you really can’t get from any other mode of transportation – speed in getting from place to place, huge cost savings, and, of course, health benefits from actually using your own body power to propel yourself forward. And I didn’t even mention the awesome feeling you get when you zoom past a bunch of cars that are stuck in traffic!

One of the best pieces of technology in the past few years has been the emergence of the bikeshare system…

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Avoiding Paycheck Complacency

It’s pretty easy to become complacent when it comes to our paychecks. We collect them every two weeks and just assume that whatever amount is on that check is the amount we need to survive. It’s funny how your expenses always seem to match up to whatever amount is on your paycheck.

I think of this as paycheck complacency. First, we arbitrarily begin with some number on our paycheck that we often (perhaps unwittingly) choose. Second, we get used to that amount. Third, we assume that’s the amount we need in order to live.

Here’s the thing – you might think you need it all, but the reality is, you probably don’t.

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I Can Afford The New iPhone And You Can Too

The new iPhone just came out and folks are lining up to get their hands on it. While everyone else rejoices about the new phone, it seems like we in the personal finance community collectively shake our heads. I recently read a few articles about the financial evils of buying a new phone and found this puzzling. I’ve never thought of a new phone as a financial sinkhole. And when you do the math, it’s not very expensive if you plan it out in advance. So why are people saying not to upgrade the single most important piece of technology most of us own?

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Your Spare Change Should Be Saved, Not Invested

We all probably remember – or maybe some of you still have – the jar full of change that we would drop our coins into at the end of the day. I remember as a kid lugging big jars full of change to my local bank, watching them clink around the coin counting machine, and walking out of the bank with cold hard cash. It’s amazing to think that I had a couple hundred bucks sitting around in a jar!

This process of saving up small amounts is called microsaving. Basically, doing a small amount of saving over time (such as gathering up your leftover change) can add up to a pretty decent chunk of money in the end…

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