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9 Best New Personal Finance Podcasts

I listen to podcasts pretty much anytime I’m walking around or doing anything that doesn’t involve a ton of mental energy.  With the way technology works today, pretty much anybody can become an expert on any topic.  All you have to do is spend a bit of time each day soaking up a bunch of information from smarter people.  Just think about all of the time you spend each day commuting, walking your dog, or doing chores around the house.  That’s all time that can be spent learning.

I’ve written in the past about some of my favorite personal finance podcasts.  Today, I thought I’d share 9 of the best personal finance podcasts that I’ve discovered over the past few months.  These podcasts aren’t all “new” per se, but they are new to me.  I like to think that they’re also lesser known podcasts that you won’t find on every single “best of” list.

In terms of how to listen to your podcasts, I always recommend using an app that allows you to change your listening speed.  Put your shows on 1.5x speed and you’ll be able to get through a ton of podcasts each day.  You also want a podcast player that lets you download the show straight to your phone.  I use an app called Overcast, which I think is the best podcast app out there.   Unfortunately, it’s only available for iOS, but I’m sure there are similar Android apps out there.

Anyway, without further ado, here are 9 of the best personal finance podcasts I’ve started listening to over the past few months.  Podcasts are listed in alphabetical order.

Best Personal Finance Podcasts


1. ChooseFI

I’d probably say that this is my favorite podcast of 2017 and if you can only listen to one podcast on this list, I’d probably go for this one.  Like the name suggests, ChooseFI focuses primarily on financial independence and related FI topics.  The thing that I really like is how deep the hosts get into their topics. A lot of podcasts sort of skim through things in order to keep the episodes short.  These guys don’t do that.

My favorite episode so far is probably Episode 9 – Travel Rewards: How To Travel The World For Free.  That episode is an amazing deep dive into the world of travel hacking.  A must listen to for anyone who’s trying to figure out how to get into that world.


2. Docs Outside The Box

Despite being a doctor podcast, Docs Outside The Box actually has information that should be helpful to everyone, regardless of whether you’re a doctor or not.  The format of the show is primarily interview based with a sprinkling of solo shows.  I don’t always listen to every episode on my feed, but I do listen to every episode that is personal finance based.

Must listen episodes include:


3. Fight The Cube

Fight The Cube is a newer podcast that I just discovered that has now found its way into my listening rotation. The production value is top notch (and I especially love the logo, haha).  The show touches on a bunch of topics that I think are pretty novel – not your standard how to save more money or that kind of thing.  And they’re not afraid to get into some controversial territory as well.

Some interesting episodes to listen to are:


4. Freedom Formula for Physicians Podcast

What’s the deal with my love for doctor podcasts?  It’s probably because my wife is a dentist, so we deal with a lot of the same money issues that doctors face.  But it’s also probably because doctors face a lot of the same money issues that lawyers and other professionals face as well.

What makes the show particularly good is the fact that the host is a CFP in real life, so you know that he knows what he’s talking about.

For whatever reason, I can’t find an archive of all of his podcast episodes, so you might need to do a little exploring to find some good episodes for you.


5. Invest Like A Boss

If I were to start up my own podcast, it’d probably end up looking a lot like this one.  The hosts for this show are basically some bad ass investors who talk about all the investing platforms they use.  Be prepared, these episodes are long, but they’ve got interesting stuff that’s worth listening to.

The thing that I really appreciate about this show is how the hosts actually use the platforms that they talk about. It’s good when people are actually putting their money where their mouth is.

For sure, you should definitely listen to Episode 24, Financial Samurai, Sam Dogen Zero to One.


6. Marriage, Kids, and Money

I’m still working my way through most of these episodes, but so far, I really like what I’ve heard and the show is definitely worth adding to your playlist.  Even though the show is aimed at married couples with kids, I think the topics are pretty much universal.  The episodes aren’t super long either, so they’re something that you can listen to if you have less time on your hands.

I recommend listening to How To Retire At 35, featuring Steve from ThinkSaveRetire.

Another great episode to listen to is an episode entitled Make Money On Airbnb.


7. Millennial Money Minutes

Grant and Matt host a great podcast designed to help millennials get bite-sized bits of info about millennial money issues.  Most episodes are about 5 minutes long, so it’s something that you can listen to while walking into your office in the morning or when you’re making a cup of coffee.  They’ve also started doing longer interviews with some of the bigger names in the personal finance space as well.  I was actually a guest on the show way back when it first started. (Listen to the episode featuring me here).

I recommend listening to:


8. RV Entrepreneur

Even though this isn’t technically a personal finance podcast per se, I think that they hit enough personal finance topics that I’m okay with including it in this list.  The hosts are full-time RVers, which is a lifestyle that I’ve always found really intriguing.

Even if you’re not into the RV lifestyle, this podcast will be useful for anyone thinking about entrepreneurship or just interested in financial independence and alternative living.  It’s really a nice, professionally done podcast that just keeps me coming back.

I highly recommend listening to:


9. White Coat Investor Podcast

Man, another doctor podcast?  I know, but I’m telling you, these doctor podcasts are gold for pretty much anyone and White Coat Investor talks about topics that I think are useful for anyone – doctor or not.  This is a no-nonsense podcast where the White Coat Investor just gets right to business.  There’s no wasted time on filler material.  If you want information on how to handle your money better, you need to add this podcast to your playlist.

I’m not sure about a favorite episode, so I’d just say listen to all of them if you can.  The episodes are about 20 minutes long, so you should be able to get through all of them pretty quickly.


Bonus Podcast


The Hosting Journey

As an Airbnb host, I absolutely love podcasts that talk about how to be a successful Airbnb host.  Evelyn Badia is one of the bigger names in the Airbnb space and she just released a new podcast that I think is great.  If you’re an Airbnb host, you definitely need to be listening to this one.


In terms of more established podcasts, I’m still listening to the following regularly:


Obviously, there are a lot of podcasts out there.  You’re not going to be able to listen to every single one.  Pick a few that sound interesting to you and see what you think.

So that’s my list of best personal finance podcasts that I’ve recently discovered.  I hope you find the list helpful.

Let me know if you’ve got any suggestions for newer or lesser known podcasts that I may have missed.  I’m always looking for more great stuff to listen to!


    • Thanks so much for stopping by! I’ve seriously been loving your podcasts since I discovered it. I’m not an RVer but still love the podcast anyway. It works for anyone, even if you don’t RV. The logo and color scheme you guys have is awesome too.

  1. dn dn

    Awesome. Thanks. Was just thinking that my current podcast lineup needed a refresh. Subscribed to all of yours.

    • Awesome! Hope I pointed out some podcasts that you might not have seen yet.

  2. I’ve started listening to some business podcasts like Foundr and Entrepreneur on Fire, Smart Passive Income. I find that a lot of the PF podcasts just regurgitate the same thing, and it gets stale after a while. But the business podcasts interview a different entrepreneur on every episode.

    • Yeah, I might need to start looking into some of those type of podcasts too. There’s so much content out there that it’s definitely hard to keep up with everything.

  3. Great list, FP! I’ve listened to several of these, and will soon be appearing on a few of them, as well!

    The biggest challenge for me is finding a good time to listen to podcasts. I have a minimal commute, prefer music when I run, and am too distracted when working on the computer to focus on a podcast. For now, it’s the occasional long drive and when I mow the lawn. Of course, it’s snowing today on May Day, so I don’t know how soon I’ll be busting out the lawn mower!


    • Awesome! I’ll definitely be keeping an ear out for your episodes.

      I’m having the same issue as well with finding time to listen to podcasts. My commute is pretty long since I use public transit, so I’m usually able to get some good podcasting time in during it, but I also sometimes do blog stuff during my commute which reduces my ability to listen to podcasts (I also can’t listen to stuff while I’m writing). My best times to listen to podcasts are when I’m walking my dog by myself or doing bike deliveries. Or cleaning up the house.

      The snow today is a bummer. Just got back from Puerto Rico and not liking it here!

    • No problem! Keep up what you guys are doing. Really looking forward to listening to more episodes as they come out.

  4. I’ve been binge listening to ChooseFi! I love hearing the interviews with those who are FIRE even though I’ve heard them before. Marriage, Kids, Money seems like it’s right up my alley so I’ll have to check it out. I’m a big fan of Afford Anything and like Radical Personal Finance as well. I’m interested in real estate investing so I like Biggerpockets podcast…The Side Hustle Show with Nick Loper is also pretty cool.

    • I definitely enjoy all of those shows. There’s so much great content out there. It’s hard to keep up!

  5. Good list, FP! I look forward to ChooseFI every Monday and Friday. It’s awesome!

    Thanks for this list, I’ll be sure to check out some of your other recommendations

    • Thanks, Gary! I love ChooseFI too. Episodes are long, but really interesting and informative stuff.

  6. Thanks for the podcast love FP! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the episode with Steve. He’s an inspiring fella.

    I’m having a blast talking to all of these financial geniuses!

    • Thanks for stopping by Andy! Love the show! I just got married last week and I’m still trying to figure out the marriage part of all this money stuff!

      • Congratulations! I’m so thankful to have married my best friend. The last 7 years have been the best times of my life. I wish you the best marriage!

  7. Thanks for including Millennial Money Minutes! This is a killer list. Thanks for putting it together. I’ve actually never heard the Choose FI podcast and look forward to checking it out.

    • Keep up the good podcasting man. Hoping I can get back on the show one day, haha.

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