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Month: April 2017

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9 Best New Personal Finance Podcasts

I listen to podcasts pretty much anytime I’m walking around or doing anything that doesn’t involve a ton of mental energy. With the way technology works today, pretty much anybody can become an expert on any topic. All you have to do is spend a bit of time each day soaking up a bunch of information from smarter people. Just think about all of the time you spend each day commuting, walking your dog, or doing chores around the house. That’s all time that can be spent learning.

I’ve written in the past about some of my favorite personal finance podcasts. Today, I thought I’d share 9 of the best personal finance podcasts that I’ve discovered over the past few months. These podcasts aren’t all “new” per se, but they are new to me. I like to think that they’re also lesser known podcasts that you won’t find on every single “best of” list.

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How Much Did I Save In 2016?

For me, 2016 will go down as the first year I began aggressively saving for retirement. It sort of bums me out that I’m getting into the savings game so late. At 30 years old, I’m way behind my more financially literate peers, some of whom have already retired or established huge treasure troves of savings. See folks like Millennial Revolution, Money Wizard, and Fiery Millennials.

A part of it is a byproduct of me entering a profession that requires years of extra schooling and a ton of student loans. While most people start their first job at 22 years old, most lawyers won’t start their first job until they’re 26 or 27 years old.

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Financial Panther Around The Web

I’m getting married today, so needless to say, things are a little bit hectic here in the Financial Panther household. It’s still hard to believe that I’m about to get married – it’s both very exciting and very nerve-wracking.

Anyway, in lieu of a post today, I figured I’d take the time to share some of the guest posts I’ve written and podcasts I’ve been on over the past few months. I haven’t done the best job of promoting my appearances elsewhere, so figured this would be a great time to do just that.

Enjoy! And I’ll see you on the other side.

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Dobot App Review – A Free Alternative To Digit

I’ve been a Digit user for over two years now and during that time, I’ve been able to save more than $8,000 into my Digit account without even noticing it. When combined with Qapital, I’ve had a great microsaving system worked out – Qapital rounds up all of my purchases while Digit sweeps out any excess money that I have in my checking account. This microsaving system has been a great way to make sure that every dollar I earn gets a job of some sort.

Unfortunately, Digit recently announced that it would charge $2.99 per month in order to use its services. As a result, I’ve decided to drop Digit and make the move over to a new app I found called Dobot. So far, the Dobot app looks like the perfect alternative for folks looking for a free savings app with all of the same functionality as Digit.

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Fidelity Solo 401k: A Step By Step Guide To Setting Up Your Self-Employed Retirement Plan

One of the surprising things I learned when I started side hustling was that doing so gave me access to an extra retirement account. This was true even for sharing economy/gig economy side hustles like Uber or Postmates. Most people don’t realize it, but when you’re working in the sharing economy/gig economy, you’re technically a self-employed business owner. Your business is you and you’re the boss and sole employee. And as a benefit, when you’re self-employed, you get to contribute to self-employed retirement plans like a Solo 401k. Yes, even a lowly delivery person can put away money in the same manner as a successful solo entrepreneur.

Last year, I set up my Solo 401k with Fidelity and this past week, I made my first contribution to it. At first glance, the process seemed pretty intimidating, but it actually turned out to be much easier than I expected. This post walks you through the entire process of setting up and contributing to your Solo 401k.

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