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Month: August 2016

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Making Over $1000 Selling Trash Finds Found In One Dumpster 

This is a story about our unorthodox adventures in side hustling by selling trash finds. It all started when Ms. Panther and I moved into a luxury apartment building in early 2015. We’d received a deal from a guy who wanted us to take over his lease, and as a result, we were able to move into a luxury building paying less rent compared to what we had previously been paying in our “normal” apartment. It was a deal too good for us to pass up.

After getting our keys from the leasing office, we walked out of the building through the garage. And there I saw it – a perfectly good coffee table sitting right by the dumpster. On a whim, I grabbed it and listed it up for sale on Craigslist. It sold just a day later to young couple for $25. In my mind, it felt as if I had just found $25 in the trash.

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How I Make Over $2000 Per Year On DogVacay and Rover

Anyone who owns a dog knows that dogs cost money. Food, vet bills, random accidents – these little things all add up. Dogs also cost you time. You have to feed them, take them for walks, and all the other tasks that come along with dog ownership. It’s pretty crazy how much a dog can change your schedule. About a year ago, I started up a side hustle petsitting business on two sharing economy platforms: DogVacay and Rover. I thought I’d share some thoughts on how dog owners, like myself, can use their dog to actually help them make money.

I’m a firm believer in finding side hustles that incorporate tasks that I’m already doing, and one thing Ms. Panther and I had definitely been doing for the past five years was taking care of our dog. Surely there was…

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I Was Featured On The His And Her Money Show.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Just wanted to let you know that I was recently interviewed for a podcast episode of The His & Her Money Show with Talaat and Tai McNeely You can find their blog, vlog, and podcast over at or you can download their episodes on your favorite podcast app. I’m honored to have been featured on the show! They’ve featured some really big time names in the personal finance community, so its a bit surreal for a nobody like me to able to share my story on the same stage.

On the episode, I talk about my journey getting out of $87,000 in student loan debt and also share information about the various side hustles I perform using…

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July 2016 Side Hustle Report

Hello folks! Just wanted to recap my July side hustle report. This is an ongoing series that I plan to do each month to document my side hustle earnings through the sharing economy.

As detailed in my first side hustle report from June 2016, I have several side hustles that I perform using sharing economy websites. These side hustles are great because they are super flexible, yet can still bring in a significant income. I recommend saving that side hustle money and using it to turbocharge your savings.

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Your Income Does Not Always Go Up. The Importance of Living On Less.

One of the assumptions a lot of people make when thinking about their income is that it will always go up. There’s this general belief that the amount you are earning today will just naturally increase. Each year, you’ll do better at your job, you’ll get a raise, and you’ll just make more money.

The thing is, this isn’t always true. Your income doesn’t stick to a single trajectory. It can go up or down. And heck, over the long term, there’s no guarantee that your income will rise…

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